Sunday, January 24, 2010

Give him the "Stupid Helmet"

Remember Kelso from That 70's Show?

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This guy was so dumb that his friends always made him put on Green Bay Packers headgear, that they called the "Stupid Helmet", because they figured if this guy got any more brain damaged, he'd probably wind up a vegetable. This just in:

ELYRIA, Ohio -- President Barack Obama has received a custom-made football helmet while touring a sports equipment plant in Ohio.

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No comment.


  1. It may be too late for the "ONE".

    But didn't that Kelso guy end up with Demi? Helmet saved him I guess.

  2. don't u need a head to put a helmet on?..lmbooo Happy Sunday my friend :)

  3. Randy: That was Ashton Kutcher that ended up with Demi, not Kelso.

    The thing about comparing fictional characters to the President is that one was not too bright, made bad decisions and was looked upon as somewhat of a doofus, the other was just a character on a TV show!

    WHT: As my dear sainted mother used to say, he needs to use it for more than just a hat rack!


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