Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Heckled In Massachusetts

While I do not believe in hecklers interfering with the free speech rights of anyone, it is curious that in one of the bluest states, Massachusetts, a Democrat President would be heckled where he ought have a "home field advantage"!

H/T Rob Port

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  1. I was surprised that this happened in such a blue state but feel it is a good indication of what lies ahead. The American people were told there would be change, transparency,and they would have a voice in government. The economy was poor and there was two wars going on. America wanted to believe in Obama. Instead we saw a mass rush on record breaking spending bills rushed through in the middle of the night without ever being told of the details. We listened to daily speeches from Obama and his press secretary tell us that they would be transparent yet these bills were hidden from us and those who asked for details were labled Tea Baggers, Flat earthers etc. After these bills were rushed through in the middle of the night we come to find out about billions being wasted in back room deals and cronysm favors. Yet when Obamas hand picked General requests additional troops to support the thousand of our kids in afghanistan waiting in limbo. He responds that he needs weeks to think this through. Why are our children not as important to make a decision on as Obamas spending bills. America is angry and this is the beginning of their revolt. Its not a republican or democratic issue. Its The people of America deserve to have both sides heard. They deserve to know what their elected officials are actually voting on. They deserve to know what political favor or backroon deal was made when they occur. If theres nothing wrong with them and they are legal (As many like to state) Then whats the harm with us knowing about them so we can make knowlegable selections when we close the voting booth curtain.


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