Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ann Coulter and the Tea Party Express: Henderson Pt. 2

"Queen Ann Rules!"

Before I get to la belle Coulter, a brief word about the event that took place in Searchlight, NV. earlier in the day. What CNN reported as "dozens of protesters":

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Some of the people I talked to in Henderson, had either gone to or tried to get to the Searchlight event. Many were turned off by the eight mile long traffic jam in and out of Searchlight. That crowd would have been bigger if Harry Reid had seen to better road construction around his home town! Heh.

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The keynote speaker was Ann Coulter. Ms. Coulter was like red meat to the lions! At one point, she quipped that she didn't even need to write jokes for this crowd, because they were cheering and applauding nearly everything she said!

She got off some good one liners. For comedy to really work, it needs to have an element of truth. Ms. Coulter was right on the mark. Recording equipment was not permitted during the speech, either audio or video, so I presume that this may be a "stump speech" that Ann plans to reuse, or possibly use in an upcoming book or column.

Therefore, I shall not go into exactly what she said, other than to rally the troops with a rousing dose of liberty loving rhetoric, and a liberal helping of helping out the liberals...which way did they come in? (Old joke! Not Ann's!)

I'll try to get into some of what was said and who was saying it next post.

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