Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Blogiversary, Proof Positive!

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It's that time of year again! The second blogiversary of my solo blog, Proof Positive. This time last year, there were about thirteen hundred posts, and twelve thousand hits from seventy-two countries around the globe. Nine days after I started, I added the widget from Sitemeter, which started off at about three hits a day,and one of them was me!

Today, over twenty six hundred posts, with thirty seven thousand plus hits from one hundred and fourteen countries, averaging around a hundred or so hits a day. (And one of them is still me!) Heh. Plus, we've got a fresh coat of paint on the blog logo, with a couple of fields where I can change the text around to liven things up when ever I feel like it, and even my own clothing line!
(I wonder if Yves Saint Laurent started this way???)

A little "inside baseball": Technorati ranks this blog overall at 5750 (out of over one point one million)that's in the top five tenths of one percent of all blogs everywhere. (This means I beat out your Aunt Sally's blog on crocheting for cats by a sizable margin!)
Wikio is at 3464. Beltway surveys about 800 blogs on just US politics, and my ranking there is in the high 340's. Not too shabby for a blog that was pulling in single digit hits just two years ago!

I want to thank everyone who comes by to visit. When you know that company's coming, you like to put a little extra shine on things. To paraphrase the immortal words of Sally Fields, I want you to like me, really like me! But, I'll settle for not disappointing you. (Much.)

To those of you who care enough and are brave enough to comment, I appreciate the feedback and the encouragement. I don't say that to mock those readers who do not comment. It is somewhat akin to the ubiquitous fear of public speaking, and some simply do not have the desire to engage perfect strangers in conversations. (Well, nobody's perfect! ) Heh.

Many of you are like minded individuals who want to see done what is best for our great country. From your keyboards to God's email! Some of you come by solely to see a living Medal of Honor recipient honored each week, and some of you, I'm sure, are just here for the babes! In that case, at least you have good taste!

I'm also open to suggestion on what you want to see here. My primary consideration is that Proof Positive be the kind of blog I enjoy reading myself! (So, if you think that any of the posts are less than profound, as least you'll know I'm easily amused!) I've been offered and accepted nominees for Friday Night Babe (a grueling exercise of selection I put myself through every week just for you!) and Saturday Night Music. But, even if I don't take your suggestions (some of them are anatomically impossible!) I still appreciate them!

2010 should be a good year for us politically, so stick around and see what happens next. It's still the best of times and the worst of times! Let's scare the "Dickens" out of the Democrats, shall we? -Proof

And since some of you just come here for the babes (and you know who you are!) a little vintage babeage, from our inaugural Vintage Babe of the Week:

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  1. Really great. Congrats. How the hell do you find all the great pictures?? Plus all the other things.

  2. Necromancer: I build some of them myself, as needed!


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