Friday, April 30, 2010

African American Action Figure

Doesn't he look just a little bit like...nah!

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He has a "Real-like head", so it couldn't be!
You can order one here, if you're so inclined!


  1. This is a Hot Toys True Type. They're made for customizers who want to have to create or recreate their own figures. They usually have pretty standard heads, but this is one is obviously Obama...

  2. That company operating on stimulus money? A real-life head? geesh!

  3. I know it's fully articulated and all, but I won't know that it's Obama until I see if it can bow!

  4. Went and checked them out. Wow, they gots all kinds a crap! And I notice that in their collection of WoW stuff almost all of the Horde items are sold out. Horde Rulz!!!!

    And yea, a friend of my wife's builds dioramas and she gets Truetypes for her work in that scale. She is doing two Colonial period sets right now, and is having a hell of a time finding period appropriate weapons and gear.

  5. Oh, and that is clearly not Barri, shoulders are far too wide, spine straight, and it will do what the people tell it to do!

  6. That's a head and back that will bow for sure Proof! It is "real life" after all.

  7. "shoulders are far too wide, spine straight"
    Yeah! But how about that "six pack"?
    I didn't know Barry was that buff!

  8. "That's a head and back that will bow for sure"
    And, as you can see from the illustration, it can handily get down on its knees!


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