Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy "Earth Day"!

I almost forgot! Here's a picture of Al and Tipper Gore holding their breath until they can find solid evidence of Man Made Global Warming:

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  1. Oh my? That pic gives the former 2nd couple a hint of humanity.

  2. Remember that big sloppy kiss he laid on her during one of the Democrats' conventions? And remember..."Love Story" was written about them!
    Yeah. Right!

  3. The most I remember about Tipper is her failed crusade against the Heavy Metal band Judas Priest.

  4. The most vivid thing I remember about Tipper's crusade, was that many rock musicians began to say all manner of vile things about her and Al didn't really say anything in her defense, or feed any of those punks their teeth.
    I guess she wasn't as precious to him as a spotted owl?

  5. I still remember vividly the MSM news clip of the late Frank Zappa testifying in front of congress. I laughed so hard I nearly passed out at the animated way he included bondage as one of Tippers concerns about music.

  6. I wonder what kind of cards he got from "Moon Unit" on father's day?


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