Saturday, March 19, 2011

Obama Launches Military Offensive -Anti-War Left: "Ooh, look! Shiny!"

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Characterize it however you like, but Barack Obama just launched a military offensive against the sovereign state of Libya. Without a declaration of war from Congress.

Let me say up front, I don't have a problem with that. He is the President. Sometimes, Presidents must take swift and decisive action (stop laughing!). And though Obama's actions here have not been all that swift, or all that decisive, at least he has finally done something!

Side note: When the French are leading the military action and America is providing only support, who looks more like the leader of the Free World? Barack Obama or Nicolas Sarkozy?

What I'm wondering now, is whether or not the hypocritical Left (but I repeat myself) will denounce Obama for this in the same way they denounced Bush. They have pretty much given Obama a pass on the continuing war in Afghanistan, even as American casualties rise. (Whatever happened to reciting the names of fallen soldiers on TV, printing them in Doonesbury?) Obama has given de facto blessing to George Bush's Gitmo policy and now, launches a military offense against yet another nation that has, as the Left is wont to say, "not attacked us". (At least, not lately!)

I sincerely hope that the French and the British, with our help, can bring peace and stability to Libya. Maybe even plant the seeds for a fledgling democracy.

And I'd also like to see whether or not all the criticism of George W. Bush was just window dressing, as a means of gaining power for the Left or if there is anyone who will stand on principle on the Left, no matter how misguided.

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