Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama's War

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Truth, they say, is stranger than fiction. Who among us could have predicted a year ago, that the man who vowed to get us out of Iraq would not only still be mucking about in Afghanistan, but launch yet another military action, without the advise or consent of Congress, against a country that had not attacked us, in a Middle Eastern nation, ostensibly to depose a dictator who abused and murdered his own people?

Why am I having this odd sense of déjà vu? There are differences, of course. The delays with Bush were in consensus building, not dithering. And Bush led the coalition to depose Saddam, while Obama had to be led to even take a supporting role.

Political campaigns are supposed to be an indication of who a man is and what he will do when elected to office. Wouldn't you think that before taking an action like this, however justified, that was 180 degrees off of his campaign promises, Obama should have at least advised Congress as to what he was about to do, if not put it up for a vote?

It used to be, that whenever a Democrat president fired missiles into a Middle Eastern country, that there was at least a chubby intern involved somehow. Two years into his first, and hopefully only term, people were starting to call Afghanistan "Obama's war". But, now, he has one of his very own.

Michelle must be so proud!

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