Friday, June 17, 2011

John Edwards Weird Connection to Gazillionaire Heiress Bunny Mellon

By the Left Coast Rebel

The weird gets weirder. A few weeks before John Edwards (smiling mugshot, right) was indicted on six felonies, prosecutors found that he was "requesting" millions of dollars from an heiress named "Bunny" Mellon (her full name is Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon).

"Mellon" sounds like a porn star, doesn't it? I'm cross posting this and thought that Proof would be happy to see a post that ties in a hottie named "Mellon" in another post about the Edwards scandal.

You'd be sorely mistaken, Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon is a 101-year-old (in August) heiress who thought that John Edwards was the second coming of JFK.

Daily Beast:

Back in 2003, when Edwards was in the midst of his first presidential campaign, the widow of billionaire art collector, National Gallery patron and racehorse breeder Paul Mellon (Bunny’s second husband) had fallen hard for the handsome, thick-maned senator. She told intimates that he strongly reminded her of her old friend John F. Kennedy. She impulsively bought a full-page ad in the local newspaper celebrating Edwards as “a new wind” in American politics, and placed “John Edwards for President” yard signs along the roadside of the sprawling Mellon estate, Oak Spring Farms—an act not calculated to ingratiate herself with her snobby Republican neighbors in Upperville, Virginia.

Handsome, thick-maned senator? gets weirder:
In 2007 and 2008, at the height of his crusade against the “Two Americas,” Mrs. Mellon secretly gave Edwards a total of $700,000 for his personal use—paying required gift taxes of up to 45 percent—at the behest of Young, who was acting as Edwards’ bag man. Young told her that the senator had an urgent “personal need,” according to a knowledgeable source. Bunny Mellon’s friends say Young didn’t reveal that the so-called “need” apparently was Edwards’ sex partner, New Age videographer Rielle Hunter, the mother of his love child—and they claim Mrs. Mellon was shocked, shocked, when she finally learned the truth.

Yes, this disgusting, shameless man was the sugar daddy of a 100-year-old lady with incredibly poor judgment and taste. Then again, she was in her nineties at the time, begging the question: what kind of man would take advantage of the generosity of a very, very, old lady?

Answer: someone like John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, and the Republican equivalents of Newt Gingrich, Vitter, et al.

Because of her "relationship" with Edwards, Bunny is now in hot water.

ABC News:

But the government alleges that Mellon also was the principal source of money that enabled Edwards to conceal his affair.

Identified in the criminal indictment against Edwards only as "Person C," Mellon provided more than $700,000 that the government alleges were unlawful contributions that went to pay the living and medical expenses of Rielle Hunter while Edwards continued his pursuit of the nomination.

Memo to century-old heiresses -- choose your friends wisely.

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  1. LCR: Sounds like he picked an overripe Mellon!
    But, surely a man of John Edwards' remarkable integrity and character would not bilk an elderly heiress out of millions, would he? /sarcasm

    (And don't call me Shirley!)

  2. Haha, nice choice of words! Certainly, he would not, ethics and all!

  3. Mrs. CrankipantsJune 17, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    That man doesn't have an ounce of conscience. I hope he enjoys his prison husband's tender ways.

  4. I hope he appreciates the irony of going from his big house to The Big House.