Thursday, June 23, 2011

PETA Builds Campaign Around Microwave Baby Death

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"Everybody's Somebody's Baby"

Most sensible people were horrified by the story of the Sacramento mother who murdered her baby using a microwave oven.

Now, seeking to capitalize on the horrific and sensational story, PETA is proposing a billboard comparing microwaving a child alive with cooking a pork chop.

Now I have been sympathetic to PETA in the past. I don't agree with them, but I could sympathize with their sentiments. Not here. I hesitated even writing about this, as I did the original story, simply because this is sickening to many people, and if they are only seeking cheap publicity, I hesitated to give it to them. And, IMHO, the PETA ad was supposedly designed by sane people, who evidently do not care the amount of pain they might inflict on the family of this murdered child.

Shame on you, PETA.

PETA Builds Campaign Around Microwave Baby Death

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  2. Tell you what, if you want to make a comment that is on topic, be my guest. I've allowed spammed links to your cause in the past, but not today. A generic "this is why we don't eat meat" response does not deal with the pathology of this proposed ad campaign of PETA's.

    Tell us why you think the horrific crime of burning a child to death in a microwave is something to be exploited by PETA for their cause. Is it just opportunistic attention whoring on their part?

    I have supported PETA's right to make their points, even when the ads were bloody or gruesome. I have published some on this site.

    I cannot, however, support such a cavalier attitude to a heart wrenching, tortuous death of a small child. Tell us, would you similarly make light of someone's pet being burned alive in a microwave? Is there no depth PETA will not sink to promote their cause?

  3. Let's face it, these stupid peta toadstools (as in Preposterous Egotistical Toadstools for Animals) have so little sympathy for humans they could brag about it!
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Ignorant losers for animals since 1980