Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Fleebaggers" Funded by Liberal "Nutroots"? I'm Shockled!

Liberal Democrat fleebaggers all stated that their cowardly run and hide act was financed on their own dime. Except another bunch of liberals couldn't bypass the opportunity to beat their puny chests and say they did the tune of $200,000!

Liberal Democrats lying about who funds their agenda? Whodathunk it?

H/T Rob Port

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  1. Sgt. Schultz always puts a hurt on my ears. And none of this surprises me in the least. And the reporter's comment about no response from the Dem legislators about this is not surprising either. Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. At least the reporter tried to get these sleazebags on the record. No surprise they weren't talking. They either need to admit that they were lying or nutroots nation was lying. Lose-lose for them.


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