Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mission Accomplished in Iraq!

Have you heard President Obama on his (premature?) withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq?

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THE LONG WAR in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year.”

Will come to an end, Mr. President?? So, if you were to withdraw all the U.S. troops from Germany by the end of the year, would you say that World War II will come to an end this year, too? Would you like to take credit for that, too?

Just checking.

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  1. Since the Korean war was never really declared over, potato head can pull out our troops and take credit for that as well.

  2. I'm thinking maybe he can withdraw the troops from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and then he can claim he won the Civil War, too!

  3. I'm thinking we'll be back there in a few years when the mad mullahs in Iran try to annex their new western real estate. This smells of a set up for something bigger down the road.

  4. If we have the political will to go back, I foresee it being much harder to establish a new foothold as opposed to maintaining some smaller force there. That's pretty obvious to anyone not named Obama.

    It could get really ugly.


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