Sunday, October 23, 2011

Barack Obama, Chickenhawk?

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If there's one thing we know about the Left, it's their consistency and dedication to principle. (Stop laughing!) And so it struck me as odd, that I have not heard any on the Left calling President Obama a "chickenhawk". You know, someone who didn't serve in the military but is all in favor of sending others to fight.

Now, I know the military has lawyers, but I don't think they have community organizers, so I'm pretty sure that Barry didn't serve in uniform. And to what extent has Obama favored sending others to fight? In addition to maintaining troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last three years, Barry O has sent troops into Pakistan, bombed Libya and sent military "advisers" to Uganda, and utilized fighter aircraft and drones in Yemen.

Now, realistically, if this were a Republican President with the same lack of military service, don't you think we'd be hearing the "C" word every day? But Obama's followers, rather than berating him as a "chickenhawk", are praising him for "his" military accomplishments. The cretins who hate the military, march in the anti-war demonstrations, and protest "torture" and the lack of prisoner's due process at Gitmo (which Obama promised to close and hasn't) , are bragging about Obama's "kills".

What's with the sudden blood lust among liberals? They get their undies in a bunch if we pour water on the face of terrorists, but if you shoot them in the face or pour hellfire from the sky in the form of a Predator drone, they wet themselves trying to give Obama all the credit. And in the case of Qadhafi, the Obamabots are waving their foam fingers in the air (carved, no doubt, from Obama's phony Styrofoam Greek columns) giving credit to Obama for what the rebels have done (without a trial or "due process", we might note).

In short, the one thing that is consistent about liberals is their hypocrisy. Nearly all of the complaints made against Bush in Iraq could have been made against Clinton in the Balkans, but weren't. Nearly all of the complaints made against Bush in Iraq could have been made against Obama for the last three years, and crickets chirp in the anti-war Left.

Where's Cindy Sheehan when you really need her? Doonesbury?? Nightline??? Beuller????


  1. A famous quote from the Clinton inauguration explains it all.

    When a now-forgotten Hollywood red diaper doper baby crabbed about the military jets flying overhead, another Hollywood communists rebutted, "But they're our jets now!"

  2. I think their only principle is "It's not hypocrisy when we do it."

  3. This is super cool. If you want to see what people are tweeting about President Obama, go to Wishbone and it will show you the most common tweets about him, displayed in a visual graph. Take a look at

  4. If Obama nuked Iran tomorrow the left would cheer, as a matter of fact so would I. But should Bush or any republican leader do something like that those on the left would scream bloody murder. As for the Chicken Hawk thing, honestly I've never understood the use of such a term---the great bird, I called a chickenhawk in my youth was a red-tailed hawk, we shot them on site, because of their many trips to the barnyard. They were fair game back then, but never-the-less a predator to be respected.

  5. RR: The epithet plays off the words "chicken" and "hawk" to imply some who is a coward (chicken), because they did not serve, but who is pro war (a hawk).

  6. Cindy Sheehan has been pretty vocal about being against Obama, actuallly. You won't hear about thar on FOX, though; or CNN or MSNBC, either, for that matter.

  7. No. Cindy Sheehan's absence from Fox News wouldn't be that noticeable. But dropping off the radar of the liberal media is another story. The Left used her when she fit with their agenda. But, having a Democrat in the White House, even doing the same or worse things in their eyes makes a big difference. We call it "hypocrisy".

  8. Well, I'm a liberal calling Obama a chickenhawk, because it's what he is, proliferating war when he has never served. (i know, i had to type it into google to get here). But lest we forget in conservative-land, i don't think many from the right were falling over themselves to say the same about bush jr...(chirp chirp, who's the hypocrite now)   Also, on the hypocrisy note, lets talk about spending...when Obama does it, he's a Muslim marxist terrorist dictator...but when bush jr and Reagan did it (check for yourself, the debt was tiny under fdr, Truman, Eisenhower, jfk,lbj, Nixon, Carter...then Reagan presided over the first trillion dollars of debt, two trillion, three trillion...then Clinton had the only balanced budget in fifty years...followed by another five trillion in debt from bush jr and another five trillion for Obama (i never said Obama was fiscally conservative) Again, i hear a lot of "Reagan was a great president, or greatest president" from the right, but never "he's a Hollywood airhead" or "he's not ACTUALLY fiscally conservative" (despite the right rushing to suck his dick for being one) or look, that socialist longhair taxed the job creators at fifty percent (he did, check it out.)   All this talk about liberty, and freedom...well remember where liberal comes from...liber.   Also, while most presidents republican and democrat in the past fifty-sixty years have been deeply authoritarian, leaning toward bigger central government. (yes, all of them, we haven't had a states rights anti-federalist since Jefferson) The mere idea that we take power back from central government, libertarianism, Small central government(...inevitably that power goes to the states, and the local govts...which means more power and responsibility to the people..., is inherently democratic.   Oh shit, libertarians are DEMOCRATIC! if you actually follow that and understand that it's true, a fact...your head probably just exploded. Otherwise you're just furrowing your brow in a vein attempt to understand what the hell i just said...

    1. "I'm a liberal calling Obama a chickenhawk, because it's what he is"

      Good for you! An army of one!

      " i don't think many from the right were falling over themselves to say the same about bush jr...(chirp chirp, who's the hypocrite now)"

      The Left, as usual. George W. Bush was a fighter pilot who volunteered to go to Viet Nam. I'm sorry if facts confuse you, but W. was not a "chickenhawk".

      I printed your comment, because I figure your spittle flecked monitor and keyboard took you hours to clean up afterwards, and you deserved some reward. You overlook the responsibility of Congress, particularly the House of Representatives when it comes to profligate spending. That's not to say that Bush didn't spend too much. He did. And he was criticized for it by conservatives.

      You credit Clinton with a balanced budget, but he did not propose a balanced budget, it was forced upon him once Republicans had taken the House. Reagan was promised spending cuts in return for tax increases - a promise that Democrats reneged on. Much of the current economic crisis dates back to 2007, when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. Add that to the real estate bubble's crash, which was designed and regulated by Democrats, and you can lay most of our modern economy's problems at their feet.

      You might be able to make a better case for libertarianism when your prime candidate is not a neo-isolationist and where a bevy of his supporters found Barack Obama a better alternative for this country than a moderate Republican.

      As far as anyone's "head exploding" over your pedantic, error laden drivel... your delusions of adequacy are duly noted.

  9. Excuse me, your piece is shit, my response was far too inadequate, and I didn't have much to actually respond to, because its not very thorough, nor does it really have a point. Just more bitching about Obama.  
    Get over it, either you trust the government or you don't, don't pretend for one second this republican democrat bullshit means a goddamn thing. Maybe i could get a better idea where you stand of you stop focusing on criticizing his bad ideas and create your own solutions.  
    So he's a chicken hawk, so what? Clinton was too, and others. I thought you liked proliferation of war, defense spending, privatization of military jobs.  
    Is it that Obama made a bad decisions? (many were moderate or republican stances,  I know, because progressives don't think Obama is NEARLY liberal enough) Or do you just not like Obama?  
    By the way, he's not my night and shining armor, so don't pin me to your characterizations of him. I do not endorse Barack Obama. Although, most of the country did, and we're only getting more liberal, bahddy.  

    And don't insult my intelligence, asshole. Your writing is shit. Create something worthwhile.

    1. Gosh, Billy! You come here and post these monotonous, poorly written, cr*ppy rants and complain about MY writing? In case you haven't noticed, one of my favorite sayings is that liberals are "irony impaired".

      "he's not my night (sic) and (sic) shining armor"

      Take what you think about my writing, subtract about 50 IQ pts. and we have your drivel, Billy boy! And don't worry! I can't insult what I cannot find!

  10. I would not call "O-Bummer" a 'chicken-hawk'.... Even chickens have a spine, O-bummer has none! He's a poisonous, spineless, lying jelly fish!

  11. Point taken. Still, had O-Bummer been a Republican, the "chickenhawk" label would have come out early and often.


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