Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quote du jour

Rumor has it Dianne Feinstein's proposing photo ID with fingerprints for gun owners. Let's call it the Voter Registration ID Act of '13


  1. I was opposed to fingerprinting gun owners until my state started fingerprinting for driver's licenses. They force us to give up our convictions.


    1. You know, Maggie, I just refinanced my house, and signing the loan documents, the notary took my thumbprint about five or six times. California DMV got a thumbprint for my CDL. Banks often ask for them if you're cashing a check someplace other than your bank.

      I think thumbprints for voter ID is not a bad idea. It should not discourage any legal resident or law abiding citizen. But, I'm with you, they should not be singling out one class of people such as gun owners. Sauce for the goose.


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