Thursday, January 10, 2013

On a Personal Note- Day One: My Kingdom for a Backpack!

Political junkies stop reading here. Move along! Political stuff will be back soon!

It's been about 24 hours since the surgery, so a few notes on Day One. Although I am not a complete stranger to crutches, it's been since grade school since I walked on four legs. Doing something as simple as fixing a meal and then taking it to the table where you eat becomes an unique challenge with two crutches. Carrying stuff when you have no hands available - what a concept!

My first encounter was in third grade, during a recess softball game. I was sliding into second base, when "Big Steve" Densford, playing second, fell on top of me. On top of my leg that was on top of the leg I had folded for the slide. There was a reason we called "Big Steve"... "Big". A trip to the ER revealed a combination sprain/fracture of my right ankle that required a plaster cast. I remember that the cast felt deliciously warm for about the first five seconds. Then it was just hot. And itchy. They've come a long way with cast technology since those days. Anyway, they gave me these cool looking dark blue, anodized aluminum crutches. And I don't remember having any problems getting around, but then, my Mom was taking care of me, bringing me whatever I needed.
List of things to do:
1. Get to heaven
2. Thank the Lord
3. Thank my Mom
So, I cheated a little bit. I was supposed to be on two crutches the first day. I cheated and only used one when necessary.

Ace bandages have improved since I was a kid, too. After the cast came off, I'd wrap my ankle in an "Ace" bandage, securing it with a couple of metal clips, with teeth that dug into the bandage. This time, I had two wide bandages from above the knee down past my ankle, with instructions to rewrap just the knee today. They now have marvelous Velcro type fasteners across the width of the bandage. I rewrapped my knee (swollen, but wouldn't scare the children), and then used the second to wrap the omnipresent ice pack to my knee, which not only keeps it from sliding off while I'm sitting, but has the added benefit of being there while I ambulate as well! (This was entirely my idea, patent pending!)

I used to have a really good dog, and one of our standing agreements (no pun intended) was that everything that fell on the floor was his. I think of that now, because, pretty much, anything that falls on the floor is going to stay there for the next few days. Being a "casual housekeeper" is going to become even more casual for the duration.

Aside from that, I am learning creative ways of using crutches. (4. Thank you, Archimedes!) For example, did you know that from a distance of six feet, a crutch may be used instead of The Clapper to turn lights on and off from the wall?

The things you learn! You may now return to something more interesting or political. (Or both)


  1. I like it! Back in the saddle again.

    1. I'm hanging in there, Admiral! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yay! Let's hear it for pain pills. Welcome home...

    1. Yep. Noticed that painfully clearly (pun intended) this AM. It hurt too much to sleep in, so I figured whatever I had taken the night before had worn off. Thanks for the welcome home! That was right neighborly of you!

  3. Sounds like things are working out Gimp. Good thing you don't type with your toes.

    1. Yeah, but I eat with my feet! Lost six pounds already!


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