Friday, January 18, 2013

This Was Your Best Shot?

by Andrew Roman
I’m disappointed as all hell in President Obama – and not for the reasons you might think. From the man who sumptuously positioned himself between two Greek columns at the dawn of the Hope-And-Change era promising fundamental transformation to this nation came one of the lamest attempts at political histrionics on Wednesday that I have seen in a long time.
What a letdown.
I was expecting so much more.
The anti-constitutional metrosexual from the great Stacker of Wheat who, in that teleprompted imperial voice of his, once told us that we were the ones we’d been waiting for fell painfully – embarrassingly - flat.
It was astonishingly weak. A real yawn.
This was the best he could do? Surrounding himself with children while signing a bunch of stupid, ill-conceived, do-nothing knee-jerk unconstitutional executive orders?
Frankly, the Obama of old - back when the promise of the post-stimulus age was still ahead of us, when smooches with the New Jersey governor didn’t seem possible, when all of us believed Justice John Roberts knew what a tax was - would have done it much better.  
After all, this was a watershed moment for him and his like-minded reactionary, guns-are-evil non-thinking confederates. He was executing a slew of orders to show the world that he was doing something – anything.
Childlike naivety appropriately requires actual children as props, I suppose.
But this wasn’t an Obama moment for the ages. There was nothing particularly memorable here. There were no Kodak moments. No foreign heads of state to bow down to. No anti-American Korean rapper to be seen with. No apologies for America to be made on foreign soil. No troop withdrawal dates to announce. No murders of American citizens to avoid addressing.
It was amateur hour.
Seriously, were there no "product of gun violence" wheelchair-bound kids available to be used as visual aids? Were there no wounded "drive-by shooting" children from the streets of a big city like, say, Chicago handy? No one on the Obama Propoganda Team could round up a nine year old amputee? Or the sibling of a murdered child? Or perhaps a kid blinded by gunfire requiring the help of an aide to read his or her heartfelt letter aloud? Grieving parents? Outraged actors? Maybe Steve Carrell could have been on stage with him, wheeling around pre-pubescent victims of assault weapon madness?

There's lame, and there's lame.

Remember when Obama could exploit with the best of them?
The President is slipping.
This is the man who invented the Office of President Elect.
This is what he came up with?
Pretty pathetic, Bam.


  1. It might be pretty pathetic to you, but this is a goal-oriented issue to the pres. It is the opening salvo to personal arms removal, so subtlety is the name of the game. Can't remember who mentioned it this week, but the author of that statement is correct - this press does not leave a paper trail. He has others do his work for him, while he sits back and watches. I believe that the next step is always predicated on the reaction to the previous "crisis" by this population.
    A blah speech will not be nitpicked over by the opposition. It will be forgotten, just as you figured out. Blah is good. It won't remind people of a Jerry Lewis Telethon in reverse. All is well.
    This is great post. Thanks. :)

  2. Andrew: On a scale between "Greek Columns" and "Above my pay grade", this was definitely closer to "Above my pay grade". Aside from the president huddling in the midst of his school children props while his chief White House flack calls the NRA "cowardly and repugnant" for even obliquely mentioning the president's daughters, there is the matter of a president who has to write executive orders to himself to appoint a new head of the ATF, which is one of his regular duties.

    What's next? An executive order to Harry Reid for the Senate to finally produce a budget this year??

  3. That NRA vid is beautiful. How soon people forget! That attack by the NRA is exactly what was used by the Dem Super PACS and others to attack Mitt Romney. Think back of how MR was hounded on so many issues, each one being in the form of a personal attack. The NRA used the same tactic and suddenly all the bleeding hearts are crying foul. I hope there are another couple of vids in cans ready to go. The weird thing is, though, if I saw that ad on FOX yesterday, and millions saw it on YouTube, is the MSM being forced to run it as well, or are they bowing out, proving that people are getting their information from sources other than MSM.
    Tactics, people. Tactics.
    I think Harry R is going to be interesting to watch. He is not really in an enviable position. He is not a card-carrying Socialist. His childhood teaching is LDS. His boss is a Marxist with a mission and a message. I can see where there could be an itch in Harry's shorts once in a while. :) But, then, this is politics, and the gloves are off.

    1. Part of Harry's base in NV is gun owners. Nearly ever political ad of his I've ever heard on all my visits to the state, were of what a great sportsman and protector of gun rights Harry was.

      I suspect that if push ever comes to shove, Harry will vote with Barry and his constituents will be betrayed.

    2. Maybe there will be a way to avoid the vote. :) It's early days yet. We'll see how this all plays out.

    3. Part of his strategery is to demonize the Republicans, not to pass any gun law that would effectively stop or prevent violence. If he could somehow get a bill, any bill, passed in the Senate, that would be rejected in the House, then Obama and Co. can spend the next two years lying about how the GOP hates kids and that's why you should support Dems in the House of Representatives.


  4. In yesterdays press conference President Obama was joined by four young children to announced his latest executive orders to deal with gun control.

    I don't know how you felt about this, but I for one thought it was extremely nauseating about the way Obama surrounded himself with children as he unveiled his gun control plans. To be honest, to me it looked like he was playing on your emotions.
    Children should not be used as political props. But then again, that's Obama's style.

    1. Especially hypocritical, since as Obama was surrounding himself in a carefully selected rainbow of diverse children, the White House was excoriating the NRA for having the audacity to even bring the mention of his (older) daughters into the discussion.

      It's not dissimilar to when he had a bunch of people in white coats (presumably doctors) in attendance for one of his health care pronouncements. He's the Styrofoam Column president. Not, "How am I doing?", but "How do I look?"


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