Monday, October 15, 2018

The Gosnell Premiere

As I may have mentioned, I attended the Hollywood premier of Gosnell down in Beverly Hills last Tuesday. I Tweeted a couple pictures of the theater and some of the folks in attendance. So, I thought I'd provide a little more detail on the event.

I wasn't sure what to expect, so I did something I haven't done in years. I put on a suit and tie! Although many in attendance was dressed to the nines, there were also some folks that looked like they would have been right at home in any casual setting. It wasn't a gathering of Hollywood elites so much as a gathering of the people who put up a little hard earned cash to get this movie made. I was in good company.

Michelle Malkin was there making introductions. Director Nick Search made a few remarks before the movie. Afterwards, there was a Q & A, featuring Michelle Malkin, the two authors the book the screenplay was based on, and the real Detective "Woody" Woods. In the closing credits, there were crime scene photos that looked remarkably like what was portrayed in the film. Accuracy was a high priority. In the credits, Woody's face is pixelated, saying he was still undercover with the Philadelphia police, so I did not take any pictures of the Q & A panel.

One fact that came out in that discussion was that there was a small discrepancy in the film. In the scene where Janine Turner plays abortionist Dr. North, says she had performed "over 30,000 abortions". In fact, it was over 40,000, which technically is "over", but quite a bit over.

There are a few snaps below from the trip. The shot of Nick Searcy in the lobby talking to folks was mere seconds after I shook his hand, so he's still basking in the afterglow.

I saw the movie again Sunday night, picking up a few things I missed in the first viewing. The line about Gosnell's cat catching "one hundred mice" in the clinic is not exactly the thing to brag about. "Oh, yeah! The rodent infestation in this medical facility is managed by one fine cat!"

The second viewing also brought tears to my eyes. In some cases it was worse, because I knew what was coming next. I appreciated the second viewing every bit as much if not more than the first. Again, I say, "Go see it." You will not regret it.

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