Monday, October 15, 2018

Under the Bus (With Apologies to The Little Mermaid)

The politics could be nicer
For some it could be just great
Your problem dear Christine Ford now
You can't keep your stories straight
Your witnesses they saw nothing
they could not corroborate
Your friends left you hanging Christine
Please move to another state.

Under the bus
Under the bus
Christine it's better
Still take your sweater
Watch out for the rust!

You had a life, some self respect
Your name is mud, they're giving you heck
Enjoy your stay now,
making your way now
Under the bus

Under the bus
Under the bus
You hated POTUS
Kavanaugh's SCOTUS
Hurray for us!

Senator Feinstein leaked your name
You got your 15 minutes of fame
Some call you "survivor"
Most call you "liar"
Most of your friends
are saying good bye, er
Just kiss the pavement
Go Fund Me payment
Under the bus.

Some people believe you
Still they did leave you
Your 'fear of flying'
sounded like lying
Please take the money
run with it honey
Under the bus.

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