Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hillary "DeathWatch" at Slate

Too funny! This is the equivalent of watching Wile E. Coyote chew off his leg to escape a Roadrunner trap, and he's chewing the wrong leg! :)
Slate starts off:
Hillary Clinton is as good as dead.

...To start off, we're putting her odds at a generous 12 percent. (Last week, a Clinton campaign official gave her one-in-10 odds.) At the moment, polls indicate that Obama has survived the Jeremiah Wright flap (for now). Clinton's Bosnia blunder has metastasized from a headache into a five-day circus. Bill Richardson finally climbed down from his fence onto Obama's side. And a Michigan court yesterday deemed the state's Jan. 15 primary unconstitutional and declined to order a revote, effectively smothering the last glimmer of hope for a deus ex Michigana bailout. Meanwhile, a new poll puts her favorability rating at 37 percent—its lowest since March 2001.

Sic transit gloria Clinton!

Gloria? I never touched a Gloria! Maybe a Susan or a Jennifer! Betty? Sure! But, not a Gloria! - Wm.J.C.

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