Saturday, May 24, 2008

California Lawmakers Seek Stimulus From Porn

Budget stimulus. What were you thinking?

LOS ANGELES - California state lawmakers are considering an unusual idea to solve the state’s huge budget shortfall: Tax pornography.

The idea was proposed by a state assemblyman, and would impose a 25 percent tax on the production and sales of pornographic videos—the vast majority of which are made in southern California.

A small dose of reality comes at the end of the piece:

A potential economic downside to the tax proposal is that porn producers could leave California to manufacture and distribute videos in other states that don’t impose the tax.

Any of these limp Richards in the California legislature that don’t think a business would move rather than face a 25% tax should have their anal orifices probed to find their heads.
Hmmm. Maybe if we filmed it, we could tax them 25%?

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