Monday, May 12, 2008

"I Cannot Tell a Lie! - It Was My Staff!" -Obama

Seems like the Wrong "Rev." Wright and Grannie aren't the only ones Obama has thrown under the bus! Jake Tapper for ABC News writes:
We started covering Sen. Barack Obama's inability to hire good staffers in June 2007, when he blamed staffers for some opposition research trying to link Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, to outsourcing in India; for injecting some venom in the David Geffen/Hillary Clinton fight; and for missing an event with firefighters in New Hampshire.

In December, we noted again that Obama was blaming the answers on a 1996 questionnaire on a staffer; and was blaming his touring with "cured" ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin (which antagonized gays and lesbians) on bad vetting by his staff.

Those five buck-passing incidents were apparently not enough.

Yesterday, in an interesting New York Times look at Obama's rise in Chicago politics, we learned that in 2004 some Jewish supporters became alarmed to learn that in a questionnaire Obama refrained from denouncing Yasir Arafat, or from expressing strong support for Israel's security fence.

Reports the Times: "In an e-mail message, Mr. Obama blamed a staff member for the oversight...
Getting to be a really bad habit with this guy Obama! Any thing that goes wrong, blame a staffer!
In January, during MSNBC's presidential debate in Las Vegas, Obama was asked about a document put together by one of his South Carolina staffers that listed comments made by the Clinton campaign that some perceived to be attempting to stoke racial fires. "In hindsight, do you regret pushing this story?” asked Tim Russert.

"Our supporters, our staff get overzealous," Obama said.

In fact, Jack notes 14
"instances of Obama publicly blaming his staff for various screw-ups. "

Man! That's a lot of buses!
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  1. Proof. This is interesting, relevent and thank you for posting it. I've worked in politics and with elected officials all my life and if you want to see if a candidate is worthy of being elected, will last long and have a good career, look at the state of his/her staff. In political networking, we always wanted to know who was on staff and which elected officials had the most turnover. Interesting.


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