Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man - A Movie Review

Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man
I saw Iron Man last week, in a nearly deserted theater (not because of the popularity of the movie, but because I chose to take off for a half a day and go to the movies!)
The multiplex, at two in the afternoon, was mercifully devoid of crumb crunchers and other distractions, so I watched the movie in relative peace.

I enjoyed it. I thought Robert Downey, Jr. was brilliant casting, having been known to fight a few demons of his own, as the wastrel industrialist Tony Stark, forged by adversity into Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow, as "Pepper" Potts, did an excellent job of transforming the two dimensional female assistant, into a credible human character.

The special effects are outstanding. One problem with larger than life fight scenes is the dependence on Computer Generated Images, or CGI. I find too many "action" pictures rather boring as one CGI character battles another. (Hellboy and Van Helsing come to mind!) There's more to the action in Iron Man than the rapid blur of CGI characters!

Worth the money! As I told one friend, I didn't go there expecting MacBeth, I was expecting a comic book movie. It did not disappoint! Oh, and the obligatory cameo by Stan Lee was kind of cute as well!
Go see it. And, if you haven't heard, and you're willing to wait 'til the end of the credits (which seem to last as long as the movie itself) there is a brief scene teasing what is sure to be a sequel.

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