Friday, May 9, 2008

Obama -Next President of All 57 States!

That's right! 57! Like Heinz varieties! (Maybe he's been hanging out with the French looking John F. Kerry too much!

If this turkey wants to chide McCain for senior moments, he ought to be able to master the facts that any third grader could!

Hat tip to Hot Air, via The Jawa Report

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Hard to say when you're talking such nonsense, but it sounds like he's not including Hawaii and Alaska in the 57 he's visited which makes for about 60 states???

It may be akin to the flag lapel business, in that patriotic Americans are all proud of all 50 states.
Some of those poor "bitter" folk may have even learned all 50 state capitals. I would think that only someone callously indifferent to the poor, bitter folk who live in those 50 states would not know how many of them there are!
BTW: I have never forgotten how many states there are, no matter how tired I was, and that number has changed twice in my lifetime! Heh.
Update: Hi! My name is Obama! Obama Gump!
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