Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ohio AG Marc Dann Resigns...

...setting new standards for cluelessness.
The Attorney General of Ohio, Democrat Marc Dann, resigned today, without a hint of an apology to his family for the embarrassment he caused them, without a hint of an apology for the shame he brought upon the office, no, he spoke of the need for the AG's office to "continue to save money".
Save money? How about by eliminating the possibility of multiple sexual harassment suits???

His wife was not so curiously absent from his side, but he dragged one of his daughters out with him (no apology to her, either!), and he spoke of spending more time Focusing on his family! (No indication as to whether or not James Dobson would sue him for copyright infringement!)

What a piece of work!

I almost forgot the best part! He spoke of how he would step aside, so as not to provide any "distraction" to the AG's office from "the political situation that I find myself in"

Did you get that? No culpability! No error in judgment! No, gee! Do you think if I hadn't been boinking the hired help, maybe I wouldn't "find" myself in this situation!

I imagine that Al Capone woke up one morning and just "found" himself in the bootlegging business! Sheesh!

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