Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pinups For Vets - Shameless Flacking

I am once again shamelessly flacking for Gina Elise and her Pinups for Vets fundraisers.
Gina & Jordan Gina and Jordan
From an email:
"This past weekend I attended an Air Show at March Air Base in Riverside, CA where the Thunderbirds were performing. The two day event had a fantastic turn-out! I had a great time doing fundraising. It was my very first air show and what a treat it was to watch the Thunderbirds--especially because I paid a visit to their home at Nellis a few weeks ago (see "In the Field" Link for pix!). They are simply amazing."

It's a good cause, even if it didn't afford me the opportunity to post pictures of pretty girls on my site! : ) You can click the link on Gina's name to access her site.


  1. Proof, You have to ask Gina to post lessons how one becomes a real life pinup...because I want to be one too. :)

  2. I think you two would make quite a pair! Plus, the weather is starting to be accomodating to the de rigeur short skirts!


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