Monday, May 26, 2008

Republicans Seek to Deny Healthcare to the Indigent - Profit Motive Looms Large

Republicans proposed a less than honest front group to lobby the state of Illinois (don’t get ahead of me here!), to “…block a state proposal that would have forced them to provide more medical care to the indigent.”
Who could be so heartless as to deny medical help to the indigent? Oh, wait! It wasn’t Republicans! It was a firm headed by Barack Obama’s chief political advisor David Axelrod! It seems that certain hospitals in Illinois, like the one that employs Michelle Obama?, wanted to block state efforts for them to provide more medical care to those least able to pay.

Axelrod had already been successful in creating a faux-grass roots group, funded by the utility Commonwealth Edison, to lobby for higher rate increases. Higher utility bills and less medical care? Wow! These really are new Democrats!

“Captain” Ed at Hot Air
Obama has run on health-care issues to create universal health-insurance coverage to do exactly the opposite of what ASK proposed. Axelrod’s firm wanted to set up another phony front group to oppose that same policy, attempting to fake the public into thinking that the “grassroots” effort had nothing to do with the hospitals themselves. Axelrod’s firm had so much success with their front group for the energy company that they planned to duplicate the same dishonest structure in health care — and in both cases, on behalf of opponents of Obama’s professed policies today.

A lack of honesty and integrity, higher utility prices and less medical care for those who can least afford it.
I guess Obama really does want “change”! Can’t say too much for the “hope”, though! Heh.

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