Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scott McClellan on Keith Olbermann

Ms. Underestimated has the video to Scott McClellan's first cable interview. The oleaginous Keith Olbermann simply oozes vitriol as he advances theories that would make any 9/11 truther green with envy!

“Did Bush see 9/11 as an opportunity?”
An opportunity? It was a terrorist attack that left over three thousand Americans dead and left many segments of the economy wounded. Olbermann pictures Bush rubbing his hands with glee over the prospect of making his Iraq war come to pass. Unbelievable!
Did Bush "use 9/11 to advance his policies”? What a thoroughly disgusting excuse for a human being!
Or the phrase that Olbermann dubs "actual poetry":
"The philosophy of coercive democracy".
Democracy isn't coercive. You remove the impediments from democracy, you do not coerce people to choose for themselves.

McClellan repeats the lies about Rove's and Scooter's involvement in the Valerie Plame leak. Guess he's never heard of Richard Armitage!

If you don't mind ten minutes of slime trail across your monitor, watch the whole thing!
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