Monday, May 19, 2008

Tribute or Protest?

Posting tonight from the Belly of the Beast…Cruising through Kerry and Kennedy Country, I saw an interesting display by the side of the road today, a few miles south of Ashland MA. I saw, what I first thought might be a flag welcoming home a local service man. There was a flag stuck above a hand lettered poster stapled to a telephone pole. Then, the next pole had a flag that was definitely not American, above another hand lettered sign. A third, further down the road, appeared to be an Italian flag, with an Italian name, so I thought, “Maybe they’re be celebrating the diversity of their community?” The further I drove, the more flags I saw. More signs with the name of individuals, country of origin, and what looked to be the soldier’s age. All of the signs looked to be lettered in a similar hand, and the multi-national flags were all the same size. I suppose, this could have been a tribute to all these brave young men who had given their lives to free Iraq from tyranny. I looked online to see if I could discover who had done it or why. I suspect, that in the liberal enclave of Massachusetts, this was meant to be a reminder of “how President Bush is killing people around the planet.” Eye of the beholder, I guess.
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