Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Audacity of Drawing a Breath

Something Obama apparently opposed in the Illinois Senate!

A couple things worth noting. The bill sought to give protection to infants who, for whatever reason, survived an abortion. Infants who met every definition of a person under the law: viable, and breathing outside the womb. Obama, showing true leadership, voted "present" the first time the bill came up for a vote. (Profiles in Courage, anyone?). The second time he voted "No". Which puts him farther to the Left than Teddy Kennedy, who voted for the same Federal bill. Another thing worthy of note, is the lying scumbag James Carville. Note what he says about the bill's star witness:
..."the priest at the hospital saying this woman was not credible"
Rewind to 1:50 into the video. Here's what the hospital spokesman really said:
"She does not represent (their) hospital in a credible way."
See the difference? Not representing the hospital credibly is not the same as not being credible. Ol' Serpenthead didn't seem to catch the difference! (Or care whether his lies destroyed this woman's credibility) But then, as Bill Clinton's attack dog on Paula Jones, it didn't bother him to help destroy her credibility either! If Obama cannot support the audacity of an infant to draw his or her first breath and still be protected as a human being, what does he stand for? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Cross posted at Say Anything

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