Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does Botox Cause Brain Damage?

Case in point: Nancy Pelosi.

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Nancy and her band of Merry Pranksters took control of the House of Representatives two years ago, with the promise of lowering the outrageously priced $2.30/gal gasoline!

July 17 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

BLITZER: So let me get -- will you allow this issue, offshore oil drilling, to come up for a vote on the floor of the House?
PELOSI: We're going to exhaust our other remedies in terms of increasing supply in America by...
BLITZER: So the answer is no?
PELOSI: I have no plans to do so.

What exactly does “exhaust other remedies in terms of increasing supply in America” mean? How does one increase the supply without drilling for more? Conservation does not increase the supply, it merely marginally increases the time it takes to consume the supply one already has. One makes the “supply” larger, Nancy, is procuring more of it!

Botox Nancy has suggested tapping into our strategic oil reserves to lower the price of gasoline. What part of “strategic” don’t you understand, Ms. Pelosi? The strategic petroleum reserves are there in case there is an interruption in the flow of oil to this country, say because of a war! There is currently no interruption of oil to this country, just the danged high price (exacerbated by high state and Federal states, which you do have some say over, Nancy!). So, if we tap the reserves and then there is an interruption, what’s "Plan B", Ms. Pelosi?

Again, drawing from the strategic reserve doesn’t increase the supply, it diverts part of the supply from our country’s “insurance policy” to the domestic market.

If Nancy wasn’t a zillionaire, can you imagine the conversations around the dinner table?

“Kids. Your father and I have decided that we can eat steak instead of pork and beans if we simply cancel our health insurance. Please don’t get sick until we tell you it’s okay. Love Mom!”

The way to increase supply is to increase domestic oil production. Not lease land to the oil companies where they can explore and not produce, not refuse to lease more land if the current leases will not profitably produce oil, drill where the oil is plentiful! Drill here. Drill now.

Oh, and possibly consider removing all economic illiterates from the House and Senate.

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