Sunday, July 27, 2008

Handgun Bans Going Down in Wilmette and Morton Grove IL

Finally! The Supreme Court's ruling on the Second Amendment is starting to bear fruit! Wilmette repealed its handgun ban last Thursday, while Morton Grove, which enacted the nation's first handgun ban back in 1981, is scheduled to repeal its ban next week!

According to the Chicago Tribune:
The National Rifle Association filed lawsuits against Morton Grove, Evanston, Oak Park and Chicago immediately after the high court's ruling, seeking repeal of the decades-old gun-ban ordinances.

...Wilmette, which adopted its handgun ban in 1989, had not enforced the ordinance since 2004, when the Illinois General Assembly adopted legislation to bar the village from applying it against residents using handguns to protect their property

One small step for a man, one giant leap for the rights of citizens!

Hat tip John Lott
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  1. HEH, I had the opportunity of having been on my way home from Chicago the day the Supremes made the decision regarding Heller. It was fun listening to WLS, unfortunately it faded out as I approached Warsaw, In. , but it seemed the only person pissed off about the decision in Chicago was the friggin' Mayor.

    I guess the Constitution, as written, sucks for some, thus they want a "living" document, however most of the call ins seemed to be relieved that the tyranny would finally be over.


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