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Palestinian Propaganda Film Proves False- NYT Mum

Throughout the years, the NYT has repeated what it was fed by the Palestinian propaganda machine: Israelis kill innocent children in cold blood. A highly publicized example of this, was the 12-year-old boy Muhammad al-Dura, supposedly videotaped being shot by Israelis as he crouched behind his helpless father.

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"Like every child here, they are haunted by the image of Muhammad al-Dura," he continued, referring to the 12-year-old boy shot dead as he crouched behind his father -- film that is repeatedly shown on Palestinian and Arab television stations. "I have never had a gun in my life. But my children -- who are doing pee-pee in their beds -- want me to buy one, because obviously Muhammad al-Dura's father couldn't protect him well enough with his bare hands."

-Raji Sourani, director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. NYT Dec 10,2000

In 2002, the NYT noted that "... Muhammad al-Dura, the 12-year-old boy from Gaza whose father could not shield him from a hail of Israeli gunfire" had become a "household name".

A "household name". Funny what a good propaganda campaign will do for you! But, a French journalist named Philippe Karsenty noticed that something seemed wrong about the video. The absence of blood and blood spatter among other things. He started badgering France TV 2 to provide the footage before and after the so-called shooting, so it could be proved or disproved that the video was genuine. Karsenty was so persistent in pursuing this story and denouncing France TV 2 for not seeking the truth, that they sued him for libel!

And now, Philippe Karsenty has won that suit. The libel case has been thrown out. There is definitive evidence that the video uses to inflame the emotions of anti-Semites around the world was a fake. A fraud. Propaganda in it's purest form, even though it was ultimately poorly staged.

But you would think that somewhere in All the News that's Fit to Print, there'd be a least a passing mention in the NYT, wouldn't you? I mean, they did publish a story about the controversy back in 2005, but even then, the tone of the piece still accepted the premise of cold-blooded Israeli killers as fact.

Now that Karsenty has been vindicated, wouldn't you think that the NYT who had been duped along with many other media outfits would have the slightest interest in wanting the record to be set straight? *Sigh*

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