Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rush Babies vs. Franken Babies? No Contest!

Over on the Reader Blogs, there’s the post: A Basic Difference Between Conservatives and Lefties :
“Conservatives think in terms of July 4th, while lefties think in terms of April 15th.”

I was reading Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus this AM, when another difference hit me. Jay was quoting from a New York Times magazine piece on Rush Limbaugh.

(William F.) Buckley died a few days after my first visit to Limbaugh in Florida. Limbaugh mourned him on the air and off. But he also had a sense that, with Buckley’s passing, he now became the movement’s elder statesman. Jay Nordlinger, a senior editor at The National Review, watched Limbaugh’s tutelage under Buckley, and he takes Limbaugh seriously as a polemicist and public intellectual. “I hired a lot of people over the years, fancy kids from elite schools, and I always asked, ‘How did you become a conservative?’ Many of them said, ‘Listening to Rush Limbaugh.’ And often they’d add, ‘Behind my parents’ back.’ ”

So, there is, I believe another difference between liberals and conservatives. While people find the message of conservatism appealing, to the point where hundreds if not thousands of people admit to becoming conservatives after listening to Rush, do you think you could find even a Corporal's guard who would admit to becoming liberal after listening to Al Franken?

Me neither!

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