Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sic Transit Gloria Britannia

So passes the glory that was Britain! The cultural slide continues apace across the pond, where "Asian" refugees are eroding the traditional British Rule of Law:

ALMOST a third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified, according to a poll.

The study also found that two in five Muslims at university support the incorporation of Islamic sharia codes into British law.

What if an American evangelical leader advocated a similar position: "Killing in the name of Christ can be justified". How large would the outcry be here, not only among the liberals and the press, but among the majority of evangelical Christians, who would denounce such theology as deeply flawed and false.

...The report was criticised (sic) by the country’s largest Muslim student body, Fosis, but Anthony Glees, professor of security and intelligence studies at Buckingham University, said: “The finding that a large number of students think it is okay to kill in the name of religion is alarming. “There is a wide cultural divide between Muslim and nonMuslim students. The solution is to stop talking about celebrating diversity and focus on integration and assimilation.”

Note the report was criticized, not the students in favor of killing for their religion! Assimilation, not diversity. Maybe it starts with the idea that not all cultures are equally valid or desirable?

...In addition to its poll of 1,400 Muslim and nonMuslim students, the centre visited more than 20 universities to interview students and listen to guest speakers. It found that extremist preachers regularly gave speeches that were inflammatory, homophobic or bordering on antisemitic.

Certainly not the liberal values that our country holds dear!

...The research found that a third of Muslim students supported the creation of a world-wide caliphate or Islamic state.

A number of terrorists have been radicalised at British universities. Kafeel Ahmed, who drove a flaming jeep into a building at Glasgow airport last year and died of his burns, is believed to have been radicalised while studying at Anglia Ruskin university, Cambridge.

If you ask me, Mark Steyn should be made required reading at British schools. The earlier the better. The sooner the better.

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