Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama- All the Sincerity a Teleprompter Can Provide

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See Barack read. Read Barack, read.
Stumble slightly over the word "quadrennial". Heh.

Wizbang and Gateway Pundit both have stories on Obama operatives hacking the Macsmind blog spot because of articles and videos criticizing "The One". Aside from the utterly un-American thuggishness of the attack on freedom of speech, I noticed while reviewing one of the videos that the thugs found so objectionable, that Obama's delivery was quite crisp and quick. Uncharacteristically so.
So I started watching his eye movement as he spoke, how he stumbles slightly over the word "quadrennial" - as he was reading it off the teleprompter! Watch for yourself, not just for the dangerously naive policies, but how he is tied to a teleprompter to achieve the illusion of competence.

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