Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Anti-Jefferson Ron Paul

Hamas was encouraged by Israel? Established by Israel? He says he's not taking sides, but all his remarks seem to come down on the side against Israel. Why is that, I wonder? Perhaps, his antipathy for Israel or at least the US support of Israel is what attracts some of the skinheads and Neo-Nazis to Dr. Paul? Crackpot. Crack pipe. Coincidence? I think not! Hat tip Transsylvania Phoenix Cross posted at Say Anything

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  1. I'm sorry I get the whole libertarian angle to Ron Paul, but I don't get his stance on foreign policy. He seems to argue that the founding fathers didn't engage outside of their own country HELLO! What was Ben Franklin doing in France and wasn't there a teeny bit of "blow back" just several years later in the form of the FRENCH REVOLUTION. And weren't we fighting Muslims via the Barbery Pirates when Jefferson was still alive. Don't get me started... I think Ron Paul is an idiot.


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