Friday, November 27, 2009

Deranged Sarah Hater Throws Eggs at Book Signing

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Call it "Sarah Derangement Syndrome", a deranged Palin hater threw eggs at one of Sarah's book signings after the Sarah had left the building! A first person account of what happened is here:

So as Adrienne, Ron, "Vidsweet", Katelyn and I were about to leave Borders, a man walked straight through the main doors and said, "Sorry, I missed you, Sarah!" and threw an egg at the display of the Governor's books and left.
Sarah's supporters were in line before two in the morning, but this hapless loser couldn't show up on time for an afternoon signing?? Maybe he could be Obama's Timeliness Czar?

Collateral damage:
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The egg thrower was caught and arrested. He came to realize that his form of "political protest" did not exactly serve him well. Borders chose not to prosecute him, because he opted to pay for all the destroyed copies of Going Rogue. In essence, this brilliant Obama Kool Aid drinker now bought the largest number of copies of Going Rogue for a single customer in the entire day!

And another "freedom loving" leftie who cannot stand for anyone else's point of view to be heard, ends up supporting Sarah through buying her book? Fantastic! But, just how deranged do you have to be, to show up someplace to throw eggs at someone, find out they are no longer there and throw the eggs anyway??? Another competent child of the Left!

But, with people throwing pies at Ann Coulter and throwing eggs at (figuratively) Sarah Palin...what's with the Left and foodfights???

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