Thursday, December 24, 2009

Health Care "Indian Givers"

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Remember the term "Indian Giver"? It has largely fallen out of favor, due to concerns of political correctness, but it used to "describe a person who gives a gift (literal or figurative) and later wants it back" -wiki
Karl Rove makes a good point about the abomination of a "health bill" recently passed by the Senate. (Yeah. Me agreeing with Karl Rove...what are the odds???) Mr. Rove describes some of the multi-million dollar deals given to some of the senators to vote for this trillion dollar boondoggle (Vermont $600 million, Massachusetts $500 million). And then he says this
How long that lasts may depend on how honest Democrats were in estimating costs. The pricier their bill is, the more likely this deal is upended.

And then it hit me! One of the complaints about this massive takeover of the American health system was a provision over the public funding of abortions. Even language that seemed to ban it on the short term was not absolutely guaranteed to even make it out of committee, but if it did, there were no guarantees that it would not be later revised or amended to include them. A "take back", if you will!

The same holds true for all of these big money deals, which Harry Reid has apparently offered to sixty (or more) senators to vote for this bill, which the public has said it does not want. If this bill does not reduce medical costs (and it won't), or provide greater efficiency (it won't) and includes greater numbers of people (it will) and does nothing to curb the excesses of our legal system (it doesn't), then the costs of medical care will continue to rise in the US and there will have to be a rationing of health care, and when the public clamor becomes too great to fund more doctors, more hospitals, better drugs...where will this money come from?
The same fools who voted for this monstrosity will find that the deals, the kickbacks, and the "bribes" they took to pass it are not written in stone, either. And to whom will they complain when it comes to pass? Yeah. Right!

The fact that it took over a trillion dollars worth of pork to make this palatable to lawmakers should have been the indication that it was bad legislation. Legislation which would be damaging to the Constitution they swore to uphold.
When the government which handed out all these bribes inducements on paper asks to have them back, there will be a giant case of buyer's remorse, realized far too late. They will have sold out their constituents, their country and their souls for nothing, or at least, cheaply.

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