Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mark Sanford Skirts Impeachment

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Or was "skirts" why he was in trouble in the first place?

House lawmakers Wednesday rejected a measure to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford, making it unlikely the governor will be removed from office.

However, the special House impeachment panel approved an official rebuke - or censure - of Sanford for bringing "ridicule, dishonor, disgrace and shame" on the state, its citizens and the governor's office.

Sanford has been under scrutiny since June, when he returned from a clandestine five-day trip to Argentina and admitted an extramarital affair. Media, the State Ethics Commission and lawmakers have spent the past six months reviewing Sanford's use of state aircraft, business-class airfare and campaign funds.

Not that there's that much interest outside of South Carolina. I just remember the near orgasmic glee which some folk had over the prospect of Governor Sanford's impeachment. This post will constitute the "update" they'll never get around to!
It was a great headline, though, was it not?

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