Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ron Paul: " They're Terrorists Because We're Occupiers"

Sheila Jackson Lee, Ron Paul, Larry King and Ben Stein...together again for the first time! This is a shining example of idiocy squared! When Sheila Jackson Lee makes more sense than Ron Paul, that does not bode well for Paul!

The money quote is around 6:47

Ringling Brothers is missing a clown!

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  1. Ringling Brothers wouldn't have him. There isn't enough makeup in all the world to mask his idiocy and incompetence when it comes to foreign policy.

    This notion of the United States being to blame for every ill in the world is tremendously tedious and wholly ridiculous. To leftists (and other children) no matter the circumstance, no matter the malady, no matter what the enemy says or claims, it can always be traced back to something America (or Israel) has done. It is always about America and her imperialist, resource-raping, ever-expansive ways.

    Ron Paul is an idiot's idiot. he makes things up as he goes along.

    An occupation of Nigeria? What in the name of Charles Ebbets is he talking about?

    And exactly what were these "terrorists" doing before America swooped in and turned them into killers? Minding their own business? Planting radishes? tending to fuzzy bunnies and kittens? making falafel for the eldery?


    Keep talking Ron...I could use the sleep.

  2. Ron Paul has a great many followers due to his stance on the Constitution. And the way he applies it domestically, I have very little argument with him.
    When it comes to foreign policy and our standing as a superpower in a dangerous world, his policies are completely out to lunch!

    (He could have used a bit of a spine when dealing with 9/11 Troofers, too!)


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