Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Women of PETA II

Last time I told you I'd barely put a dent in the subject. Here's more (in some cases, much more) of the women of PETA!

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For the sake of full disclosure, I am not a member of PETA, nor am I in agreement with all their positions, but they do have a good eye for the ladies!


  1. Damn, Juliette made me choke on my rib eye, she would make a "great" salad.

  2. I'm not about to give up beef or prok, or chicken or fish just yet, but I'd be willing to cut back a great deal in their company!

  3. I could skip the meat portion, just a salad and desert dining in Juliette's company! A one time thing of course, or maybe twice.

  4. I'd even lay in a stock of veggie burgers!

  5. Manifesto of a Militant Vegan Bio-Engineer [Today's News Poem, April 17, 2010]
    “Pet activists from Austin to Corpus Christi and Victoria launched recently an emotion-charged campaign. They bombarded local politicians, animal shelter leaders, the newspaper and others with calls to ban the gassing of unwanted pets.”
    – GABE SEMENZA, Victoria Advocate, April 17, 2010 at 2:15 p.m.
    “Hundreds of dead animals have been found at a home in Marion County and another 400 live animals have been rescued”
    – Victoria Benchimol, ABC Action News 1:32 pm April 17, 2010

    Perpetual, the holocaust consumes
    The lives of zebrafish, of cats in labs!
    The monster made of claw and teeth assumes
    That tender tendons, hair and muscle-slabs
    Enjoy the murder. Meat is murderous:
    The eating—true—but flesh will kill in kind.
    Since eating's cycle's just too barbarous—
    Because we love all life we'll have to find
    A way to replicate the paragons
    Of living with sustainability:
    The trees and other plants that drink the dawn
    And photosynthesize with no hostility.
    To always mate (like trees): what joy we'd bring!
    To worship fire, first burn-up everything.