Friday, May 28, 2010

More Proof or Just More Positive?

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Well, maybe not angry. And maybe not all men!

I started Proof Positive as a solo blog, a place where I could say anything I wanted because I was sleeping with the editor...scratch that! ...because I was the editor. And, although nothing has been set in concrete, it now looks as though that might change, hopefully for the better.

I've sent out invitations to a couple of like minded bloggers to join Team Proof and I may be reciprocating with a few guest posts on their blogs. This could be like the blogging equivalent of Manifest Destiny. Or not.

Anyway, if we can work out the logistics, we'll bring you a little more variety and perhaps a little more content for those times when work (or life) gets in the way of blogging! Don't worry! I'll still be the Alpha Dog here.

As they say in the funny papers:

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  1. about damn time! Best wishes on any venture you partake in.

  2. Thanks! I've already inflicted my first opinion piece over at Left Coast Rebel.

  3. You call that opinion? Always enjoy your slant and humor Proof.

  4. EXCELLENT. "Proof Positive" is one of my essential go-to blogs every morning.

    Good luck!

    Keep it going.

    God Bless America.

    And don't forget Lana Turner and Ingrid Bergman as "vintage babes" in the future.

  5. Andrew: Thanks for the suggestions. Lana was definitely on my list and Ingrid is certainly worth going to Casablanca for!

  6. Andrew: Shame on you for not reading and shame on me for not remembering!
    Lana Turner was Vintage Babe #4 on April 8th.

    BTW, clicking the vintage babe picture of Marilyn on the sidebar will take you directly to the archives of all the babes.