Sunday, June 20, 2010

BP Oil Spill: Another Massive Big Government FAIL as State Department Sits on International Aid Offers

by the Left Coast Rebel

We recently summarized the big-government/Obamanation failure that the gulf oil spill represents. Of course, the summary was nothing more than a basic summary and examples flow (no pun intended) in each and every day.

As the oil flows Obama's State Department is sitting on aid offered from 23 separate countries. Jim Hoft got his hands on the documents that show this. This is just the first page of 5 from the State Department's site:

Page 2 shows that the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) aid has been accepted:

Unsurprsingly, the IMO is part of the United Nations. I wonder which corner of the far-left international 'community' the IMO aid represents? Go to Gateway Pundit to read his whole report, via Memeorandum.

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