Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Liaison Dangereuse - Lingerie Ad

While we wait for the election results, I thought I'd push the envelope of our PG-13 rating. Which is to say that it is mild compared to cable. This is either the most bizarre or most brilliant lingerie ad ever made. You decide.

H/T Riehl World


  1. Connoisseur that I am, uh, I have to go with bizarre. But I still smiled.

  2. Could open up a whole new market for them!

  3. whos them? why does there always have to be a freaking them and us!!! people are people! some like sexy lingerie and some dont like itchy scratshy lingerie!! i agree wih the idieals of the add [that people are just people/equality] however, it could do with a LOT less nudity.

  4. "whos (sic) them?" The people who sell the lingerie, of course. What were you thinking?
    Do you get all your exercise jumping to conclusions?


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