Friday, June 25, 2010

Michelle Bachmann Wins Ten Bucks Friday Poll

Today's Ten Buck Friday winner - Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann

by the Left Coast Rebel

As RightKlik says, liberals love to loathe her so it should come as no surprise that Michelle Bachmann won today's Ten Bucks Friday. RightKlik:

Congratulations to Michele Bachmann for winning this week's Ten Buck Fridays. In a ten-way race, Bachmann ran away with 42% of the vote.

Bachmann is certainly a worthy conservative candidate who faces a tough fight in the fall. Liberals love to loathe Michele Bachmann, and they're ready to invest large quantities of cash to beat her in November.

So please, if you can afford to give Michele Bachman a little cash this week, send an Alexander Hamilton to Bachmann for Congress. (And if you're not participating in the current recession, perhaps you'd like to send a Jackson, or even a Benjamin.)
Also, Reaganite just joined the ranks of the 21st Century Minutemen (love that phrase) and has a great list of supporting sites. He writes:

A noble New-Media grassroots effort to fund true conservatives going into midterm elections has been launched... this initiative is dubbed Ten-Buck Fridays. No, it's not an all-you-can-drink TGIF happy-hour special (you wish, you lush- lol).
Rather -as the name implies- these top conservative bloggers implore you to kick some cash to a featured Reaganite-type conservative candidate each Friday, whenever you can... and every $10 helps.

Reaganite also puts a great $20 Reagan face on the idea. Go here to read his post, the list of great bloggers promoting this idea, and to follow his site as well.

Again, support today's TBF winner Michelle Bachmann here.


  1. Doggone it! Now I have to put up another disclaimer that this isn't my Friday Night Babe!

  2. If Michelle's political gig doesn't work out, we'll get a couple of bikini shots and I'll put her in the rotation!