Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Other Democrats

I confess. I used to be a Democrat, back when JFK stood up to the Soviets and he initiated tax cuts because "a rising tide raises all boats". Even while LBJ was botching the Viet Nam war by listening to pin heads like Bill Moyers, I still remained a Democrat. Democrats Governor Jerry Brown and Senator David Roberti convinced me of the error of my ways in the early to mid seventies.

Kaus is a Democrat, that were he the voice of the majority of his party, might tempt me, at least a little, to reconsider. Mickey Kaus challenged Barbara Boxer for the Democrat senate nomination. I understand he garnered about 100,000 votes in the primary. For essentially a two man, underfunded campaign, he at least illustrated that not everyone in the party of Democrats toes the liberal party line.

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