Monday, June 14, 2010

Petition to the @ssKicker-in-Chief to Clean Up the Gulf

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The Jawa Report points to a petition effort to get President "I'm in charge of the Gulf cleanup, but I need to go golfing now" Obama to waive the Jones act so that more resources can be poured into the clean up effort. The petition, in part, states:

"WHEREAS skimmer ships and other critical resources needed to assist in coastal cleanup and wildlife rescue efforts have been, and continue to be, available and standing ready from sources around the world, but are being prevented by the Obama Administration from being deployed;

WHEREAS the Obama Administration has blocked the use of many of these resources in the coastal waters of the United States, citing certain provisions of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 known as the "Jones Act";

WHEREAS the President of the United States is fully empowered by law to waive the provisions of the Jones Act by Executive Order when necessary, but has so far refused to do so; and

WHEREAS the President of the United States has cited no legitimate reason whatsoever why why the use of these resources should be further delayed and why all available resources should not be employed in this critical cleanup effort..."

There's no excuse for Obama not to act decisively here, except for his inability to act decisively anywhere! Please sign the petition. Thanks!

Save the Gulf

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