Friday, June 18, 2010

Picture of the Day

by the Left Coast Rebel

I can relate to this:

We get material for posts from a wide variety of sources. Sometimes, my posts come from information I get on Facebook. When this photo of Florida Governor Charlie Crist on the beach came over the Facebook transom, I thought: I gotta think of a reason to post this picture:


The photo's caption at the L.A. Times is that "Gov. Charlie Crist is checking a Florida beach for signs of oil."

Do you think he found any? From the looks of it, I don't think he even turned his head. What do you think? Cropped and zoomed:


Could go either way. Then again, so can Charlie. Hat-tip Instapundit.

UPDATED: Not to be confused with Proof's 'Friday Night Babe' series.....


  1. I'm sure he found plenty of oil. What is it they put in Hawaiian Tropic? Coconut oil? He probably found hundreds of gallons of it all pre-packaged in 8 ounce bottles. Smell his hands!

  2. LCR: I beat you to it in "Life's a beach", but mine didn't have the nifty close up you did.
    Mom always did like you best!

  3. LCR: I figure with two (or more) minds running in similar ruts, there's bound to be some overlap.
    And, as you may have gathered, an abundance of babe pictures won't hurt the reputation of the blog. (Heh.)
    And the differences in our styles will provide different takes for our readership, so it's all good!

  4. Randy can hear the pages rustling on Victoria's Secret catalog at thirty paces! Heh.