Friday, June 4, 2010

Ron Paul, On Why he Should Never be President

Coincidentally, today seems to be "pick on Ron Paul day". It was not intentional.

Here we have the blind leading the blind! Don Imus calls the Israeli interdiction a "botched raid"*. Botched in what way? The ship was stopped, its murderous crew killed or captured, and the weapons cache, meager as it was (it could have been missiles) was kept out of the hands of individuals who would use them on Israeli civilians. I do not see how anything was "botched", other than the fact that the Israelis would have been justified in sinking the ship with all hands on board, risking no harm to their own men, but chose rather to let many of them live. (It would have been all of them, except for the armed resistance they met!)

In one breath, Paul calls himself a "non interventionist" (read: isolationist), who believes we should mind our own business and "worry about our borders."

In another breath, he says what Israel is doing is very much our business. He gets his facts wrong about an embargo on "food and medicine". The Israelis are allowing food and medicine. They just aren't allowing uninspected ships to to come and go, with possible cargoes of weapons of war.

He calls the blockade "atrocious", "an act of war". What? 4000 missiles fired into Israeli wasn't??? What planet has this guy been on lately?

"People are starving...almost like in concentration camps..." Why do I feel that Paul is pandering to his white supremacist friends here? Ron Paul is a champion for the constitution and has an impeccable record on all things domestic, but here he sounds like a member of the radical Left, comparing Jews to Nazis.

Imus gets it right. People are not "starving" because they did not receive the sling shots, or clubs or gas masks on the "humanitarian aid" ships.

Paul equivocates over Hamas being an "elected government". Well since you brought up the Nazis, Dr. Paul, I believe Hitler was elected, too! Does that mean that we should not have engaged them because they were a legitimately elected government? Please!

And for the CIA "rigging" elections...any thing in particular you'd like to share there, Dr. Paul?

I wonder if he sees any irony in saying that we should "worry about our borders", but object when Israel worries about theirs!

Additional irony: This video is posted on You Tube by someone who thinks Ron Paul should be President!

H/T Gateway Pundit

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*Update: Jonah Goldberg referred to the action as "Israel’s botched raid of six “humanitarian” ships bound for Gaza". I personally don't see it, but maybe there's something I'm missing.

Update II:Saberpoint had this picture of a marketplace in Gaza from last December, that illustrates Dr. Paul's assertion that Gaza is like a "concentration camp".
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Update III: In the latest Republican Presidential Debate, Ron Paul praises JFK's handling of the Cuban missile crisis, where Kennedy set up a military blockade to interdict weapons to be delivered to neighboring countries. Sound familiar?


  1. Rip VanBullwinkleJune 4, 2010 at 3:47 PM

    Saw Imus yacking about the raid a couple of days ago, maybe it was Bernie that was talking about it, he might have been referring to the Israelis using paintball guns in the raid. That said, Imus does suffer from optical rectitus since the nerves in his eyes are interconnected with those in his rectum giving him a sh*tty outlook on life, thus for him everything is botched.

  2. Imus has been showing a little spine in his interviews lately. And he didn't take the "starving, concentration camp" nonsense lines that Paul was tossing.


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