Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(PHOTO) Only in America - GM's Electic Car Volt Will Cost over $40,000.00

by the Left Coast Rebel

What to do you do with a failing car company with failed ideas, inferior products, crushing union-pension 'legacy' costs and a business model that is just plain outdated?

Well you take over the company, supersede contract law, don the company Government Motors and with leftists and Obama at the helm you make things like ---


Since you are paying for it, at least it's pretty, no?

It's called the 'Volt' and it's all yours for $41,000 and $44,000 for the 'loaded' model.

It gets worse though. Not only does Obama own the Volt, Government Motors is touting the new electric car's price tag as quite a bit less than $41,000 "because a federal tax credit of $7500.00 applies to it."

So essentially you have a ludicrously overpriced 'electric' car that can go 40 miles on electric power after which gas-powered generators kick in (?!?!), is being heralded as a landmark and is bought and paid for by you and me.

Color me unexcited.

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  1. "What to do you do with a failing car company with failed ideas, inferior products, crushing union-pension 'legacy' costs and a business model that is just plain outdated?"

    My first thought was to send an FBI agent to convince the CEO to become a cocaine dealer to make enough money to save the company

  2. ...And then bust him

  3. Rip - Oh man, you nailed it here.

    boykin - I didn't even catch that, another absurdity!

  4. They usually introduce cars like this in California and Florida. Ever think what they're going to do for heat or defrosting in Minnesota, or North Dakota in the winter time?
    (No waste heat from the engine) If you put in (and use) an electric heater, there goes your overall range. Plus, you should probably wear two pairs of socks!
    If they put in any kind of fossil fuel burning heater, there goes your pollution savings.

  5. THX LCR, but truthfully in my neck of the woods when I take my '66 to cruise ins there's usually that same damned DeLorean that shows up. Body Style is definitely dated, but that stainlees steel still looks as good as the new Weber grill I bought this past spring. If only the mechanical side were "so forgiving" it would have been a wise choice, I.E. base it on some Chevy, well not so much, maybe a Ford base model...maybe the 'Stang. Just for parts availability in the future.
    But hey, that's just my inner gear head coming out, NTIM!

  6. Proof, you know better than to ask such questions. Those that are green can't see past the end of the oversized load marked trailer to notice the deisle belching Western Star hauling just one of the three fan blades required for an oddly enough but aptly named wind generator, and are even more so clueless about the down time and dollars involved with maintaining such a fan, but hey, every one that buys electricity is rich, otherwise they wouldn't buy it...and that explains why so many 'tards express their opinion on the internet, right?, Sigh...publicly funded education is such a losing proposition when you think about what is gained by investing in it! Rich Administrators, stupid and dependent kids left in their wake! I digress... back to topic,

    But Hey!

    ...I've installed plenty of ceiling fans in my house, they aren't worth doo-doo if the blades are not clean, I have no reason to believe wind energy is any different! Nobody wants to mention the maintenance costs after installation. Care to venture a guess why???

  7. The sad thing, too, is the number of dolts who think electric cars will eliminate pollution, when it only shifts the pollution to a different area. And with the inefficiencies of electric cars, will probably cause a net gain in pollution.

  8. Proof - You are exactly correct - the inefficiencies of electric cars actually lead to more pollution.

    Talk about absurd.

  9. LCR: It reminds me of Ted Turner's enviro-agitprop Captain Planet. I had the misfortune to see a portion of that one time and there isn't enough mind bleach on the planet to erase it!
    The good captain and his youthful cohorts had just come from some adventure, and upon returning to base, plugged their electric helicopter into a 110 outlet on the wall, patting themselves on the back for not polluting the planet.

    So many things wrong with that!

  10. The battery would be dead in it before it was warm enough to get out of my driveway in January.
    But, I would still be in my driveway so I could recharge! My 10 minute commute to work might turn into 45 minutes though....Hmmmm OK I thought about an electric car. Probably won't again, ever.